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Japan Business Association has started with an intention to assist & support Japanese Business, Education within Japan and also share information of Japan with other nations. We have already taken initiative and in the process have established JAPAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION office outside Japan in India. We keep strong intention to open offices in other countries in recent future.

The 21st century will be like no other. It will be distinguished by an unprecedented level, and depth, of global interaction in all domains -- economic, political, and cultural. Globalization has not only altered the way we do business and the way we produce and trade in goods and services, it is rapidly changing the very fabric of our society. Japan must continue building its capacity to operate effectively in this new global context. Our success will depend, in large measure, on the manner in which we educate our citizens.

Culture, Business, Education in Japan has a long tradition of international collaboration. Today, however, internationalization has gone far more than inter-personal or even inter-institutional cooperation across borders. Unlike in the past, when businesses were limited only to big conglomerates, however, the new century has opened doors and opportunities from every sphere of businesses for everyone whether big or small. It is a necessary, vital, and deliberate transformation of how we teach and learn and it is essential... to the future of Japans’ relationship with the world. In a world characterized by challenges and opportunities of global proportions, Japan Business Association will play a key agent of change thereby promoting and creating opportunities for the Japanese and the International companies from every magnitude whether big or small. We are ensuring and have already taken enough initiative to strengthen this relationship as necessary in every respect.

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